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Golden Globes 2010 or "A Dress for Lauren Graham"



Dear reader, it might appear shallow, even cynical to you that in times of a catastrophe like the earthquake in Haiti I bring you a column about the dress Lauren wore at the Golden Globes this year.

100,000 people were killed, hurt and/or have lost everything and I can’t think of a better topic than pondering the color of her dress.

I’m very aware of the antagonism here. One thing is sure, though: the one has got nothing to do with the other. All I can say is, if you have money left to donate, just do that.

Maybe Lauren can make good money with the dress herself and donate. That way something good would come out of it. She most likely didn’t keep it, or did she? That way she would have enough material to wrap presents. Or she has a parachute made out of it – you’ll recognize her in the sky for sure!

You probably already know from my words: I can’t honor the dress in its whole glory.

But I won’t let myself off the hook that easily!

Lauren looked amazing – perfect Hollywood glamour-alert. Make up great, hair do great, jewelry great, shoes couldn’t be seen but I bet they were great also. It was a big show she put up there. She was nice, she was confident, she was there.

Whether she is an A,B or C-list celebrity, or meets with Kathy Griffin on the D-list, she showcased herself a classy celebrity.

Well, the dress. What can I say? It’s a typical evening dress to make sure you are seen! Yes, she’s tall, she has the brown hair and those blue eyes, and therefore you can dare something… but: did it have to be that pink?

And indeed, on some sites and in some magazines she was put on the ‘worst-dressed’ list, but other also liked it.

Also, I haven’t seen many other dresses that were worn that night from other actresses, I have to admit: what do I care about the other actresses’ dresses. I write about the one and only one of interest to me.

Otherwise Lauren did a great job: the speech, the presenting, the interviews. It surely felt great.

Of course it would feel even better if she could take the stupid thing home with her one time. But we won’t give up hope. Let’s see how ‘Parenthood’ plays out.

The important thing is. She established herself, is known and recognized. Lauren isn´t the greatest stars of stars – this position is taken forever by Meryl Streep. Ohh, if she isn´t too busy kissing Sandra Bullock!

So, to sum it all up: Lauren and her dresses seen in public… let’s say they share a special bond. But that’s not a bad thing, that way I’ll always have something to write about.

© Koile 2010

Translation by Copop

Co- reading by Ed