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Take by storm
The first 10 years
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Family Television Award 2001
"I work, therefore I am ..."
Quo vadis Lauren?
„Talk and show yourself“
“We can understand each another, but everyone has to define himself". (Hermann Hesse, „Demian“)  
  They are like sand on the beach! Like little grains, sparkling like diamonds, unique, but they lose their uniqueness being in a mass. Actors on television. Who can remember their faces? Who remembers their names? Who can put names and faces together? Young, charming, sexy, sometimes talented. They grow with the show, become a star. Maybe a superstar? Or they will be like a falling star, loosing their illumination in a glorious night ?

Television shows come and go. Success is what people like. What people like is a mystery No producer has the recipe for a success story. Sometimes success needs time, but time is rare in the television business. Like all shows, nothing lasts forever. Shows and actors are coming and going and the circle is complete. Maybe actors touch people just for a short moment of time, bring joy, only because they are who they are! That is indeed a great thing.

Behind those actors are real human beings and every one of them is worthwhile to be presented and described to the audience. They seem unique to us, but they are also normal, usual, and ordinary. The more Superstar you are, the more you can go to extremes. Following their own rules. Sometimes you just can shake your head.

But they do have something that sparks our interest. That makes someone ask, explore, and take a look behind the scene. The media works as a filter. We see what we are supposed to see. Who knows exactly, what someone said at some point? I don’t know either. I have the same problem here when I am searching the internet, reading interviews and articles. I never know, is this serious ? I don’t know Lauren Graham personally. I don’t even know someone who knows her. Instead I have checked the available information. What I see is the professional Lauren playing with the audience, with the host, being nice and charming – someone, who presents herself as being “Lauren Graham .

I want to tell you Lauren’s story and I start with her birth, walking though an everyday childhood, which maybe made her the person we think we see. I will tell you a story about a real, unique and creative person. In my opinion, there lives a gifted spirit behind her features .
  „Take by storm..."  
  Her eyes burn with aggressiveness, you are rigid with fear and suddenly, there is a storm showing up: a torrent of words coming out of her mouth, a volley of gunfire, her arms flying through the air. You don’t want to meet this woman, when she is going wild. Still, in her way she is loveable, her fire catches you.

Lorelai Gilmore is not an easy character. She is latent moody, fickle, always about to do something in her chaotic world . Nevertheless, it is very rare to find someone with such a loveable chaos .

Lorelai Gilmore is Lauren Graham, or is Lauren Graham Lorelai Gilmore? Even her film mates/colleagues can not tell, where Lorelai stops and Lauren starts. Somewhere between now and the next scene. This match is made in Heaven. When the Producers of Gilmore Girls cast Lauren Graham in 2000, they had no idea, that the chemistry between the actress and the character would be the great success of the show!

Even Lauren didn’t know, that this would be the break-through for her, after the unsuccessful years on several TV-shows. And, last but not least, her parents, Lawrence Graham and Donna Grant had no idea, when Lauren was born, that this girl will hit stardom with this show. If they had a clue, they would have put coffee in her baby bottle. Early practice has made the master.
  The first 10 years  
  Lauren Helen Graham was born on March 16, 1967, on Honolulu-Hawaii, one day before “St. Patrick’s day,” the Irish national holiday “.

As a child of an Irish-Catholic family with traditional roots, her timing could not have been better.

Bild vergrößern  

The little family stayed on the north pacific island, because Lawrence had to work there. Soon the Grahams moved to West Virginia and settled down.When the marriage failed, 28 year old Lawrence became a single father of the 5 year old daughter, an unusual situation at this time .


Donna Grant was born into a Baptist missionary family in South Carolina as oldest of four girls (Donna, Angela, Deborah and Kitty). Her parents, Kathryn and Worth, are committed Christians living their lives according to God’s Will and arrange it around the requirements of Baptist missionary. The mission brought the family to Japan where they lived for twenty years. Kitty, the youngest sister, was born there.

Kathryn Grant writes in her book “Making the most of the best of your life” (1990) that it has been a difficult time for her and her children since they had to live in a culture so far and different to the American one. Nonetheless they had had a great time as a family in Japan.

Donna had to go back to the US to study at Furman University, Greenville, S.C. The separation from her family gave her a hard time. In addition she had to readjust to a culture which had become foreign/strange to her.

Was her early wedding compensation to the missing safety of her family?

Fact was: Donna felt hemmed in by marriage and family and wanted to self-actualize artistically. There was no ugly fight when she got divorced, Lawrence is financially better situated and so he and Lauren built their own universe from now on.

The divorce left a deep feeling of failure in grandmother Kathryn because her Christian convictions about motherhood, marriage and family aren’t compatible with a split.

Life is strange sometimes: the Baptist community of Washington suggests Kathryn as “Mother of the Year” for the District of Columbia, national nominations followed. What a honour – what a surprise!

But for Kathryn a “Mother of the Year” is a “Supermother” who bakes and cooks, does housework on her own, tends to her husband and children, creates a harmonic home.

She had maids and nannies in Japan and a husband who actively joined the family life. And: a “Mother of the Year” didn’t have a divorcée as a daughter!

After long hesitation and the convincing of her daughters she accepts the nomination at last but wasn´t elected national-wide.

Kathryn Grant is a committed person who pleads for her convictions. Maybe this habit was rooted in her own family; her father, Walton Murff Stephens (1893-death unknown) was a member of Parliament and later Senator of South Carolina.

She grew up in a traditional Christian-Baptist family with two sisters and a brother in Abbeville, S.C. Church and Bible-studies were important parts of the family life in the Stephen’s home.

Although being conservative, father Stephens taught Kathryn a lesson which would come true: women can also, like men, be in charge. Gender is no constraint. Though reality looked different, especially in those times, Kathryn pursued her aims with great dedication.

She stood up for the rights of deprived and domineered women, developed programs against domestic violence.

Her husband, Worth Grant, was convinced: he would be a missionary. He was a handsome man, football player in college and very smart; he graduated “summa cum laude”.

Worth got to know Kathryn through a mutual friend, over the years the two of them established, partly only with letters, a heartfelt friendship. They based everything on their conviction and understanding through God’s love.

By proposing to Kathryn he combined another important incident: he kissed Kathryn for the first time. Those were the days!

Despite divorce and custody for Lawrence the grandparents Grant tried to stay in contact with Lauren all the time. They wrote letters and enclosed newspaper articles which they thought might be interesting for Lauren.

Kathryn Grant includes her children and grandchildren in her prayers every day. One finger for each of them. None get lost!

Lawrence Graham, born in 1943, comes from a typical American family: two brothers, mother a housewife, father coach of a high school in the area of Valley Stream, N.Y. ( Long Island).

He studied law at different prestigious universities of the USA, an ambitious young man with a hopeful career as a lawyer.

Lawrence knew the law, working as lobbyist for the textile-industry and others, but raising a girl was a challenge he had to face and didn’t want to fail. A special bond developed, an own dynamic, this father-daughter-relationship works on its own rules. And it works well!

„I was aware that my situation was unusual, but in general I felt lucky to be raised by my dad…While I was given firm rules to obey I lived in a more relaxed environment as most kids. Because my dad was so determined to succeed as a single parent he worked harder than most. I had the best slumber parties because he would leave us alone, than get up before we did to make us pancakes. Other kids thought my dad was cool and funny, and mainly our situation made me feel special rather than odd.“

When Lauren talks about her childhood and her father, you could clearly feel her admiration and love for him. But she also describes her home as a “bachelor pad” :

“My father would be horrified to hear me describe our house in Arlington Virginia. Yet the truth is, we had a white leather couch in the living room and didn’t own two pieces of silverware that matched. What’s more, there wasn’t a chair that you couldn’t put your feet up on or share with the dog”.

This world was dominated by typical male pragmatism. No mother decorating the house, cooking the meal, or making a dress for the girl. But there was a father, who read every evening to his daughter. The effect: Lauren could read while she was 4 1/2 years old and skipped Kindergarten. A father, who exposed her to theatres and museums, concerts, restaurants and plays. Who taught her the values of being fair, respectful and disciplined.

“My dad taught me to be curious, to be proud of tackling new experiences rather than taking the comfort in the safety of following others. He taught me to delight in what was unique about me, and for all that and so much more I’ll always be grateful”.

Lawrence was not a rigid disciplinary father, screaming and shouting was not his style of education. Instead, it was hard on Lauren, when he told her, that she had disappointed him .
  Though there was not a steady female influence, aunts and grandmothers helped them out. Her mother was a sporadic, but loving presence in her life. A saleslady would help her choose the back-to-school wardrobe. And teachers gave advice to Lauren ’s father to control his daughter’s curly Irish hair .

Bild vergrößern  

This “Irish” hair, wild and unruly, just like the country with its people and their characters.
Laurens uncles had a family too and so during vacations, the little family became part of a big one, and Lauren left her status of being a single kid .

  She was a real “tomboy”, climbing up trees, playing wild games. Only her pigtails reminded her that she was a girl. As did her great passion--horses!

Virginia is well known for its horse breeding. The love for horses is well established there. Although Lawrence was allergic to horses, he supported his daughter and accompanied her. Lauren wanted to be a jockey, but her height being 5’9” destroyed her dream .

Like other kids have an imaginary friend, Lauren had an imaginary horse, called “Strawberry”. " I was just so unafraid around horses. In a way, I relate that to being an actor. It seems that ever since I was six years old there was something I was chasing that was frightening to me. Onstage or on horses there was a certain kind of putting yourself out there, of wanting to be challenged“.

She seemed an intrepid nature. Even bruising her ribs or breaking her toes did not prevent her from riding on a horse like the devil incarnated. Testing! Checking the limits! Crossing the limits, she loves high speed, with horses or with words. Lauren did not play with dolls, but with plastic horses. She had a stable with 37 horses and she could name all the best films with smart horses, first, of course, “Black Beauty.” She loved reading books about girls, who wanted a horse

I personally can’t help you out with this horse-passion, I never was addicted to them myself. So, I ask for help from someone, who has knowledge of that. The great and famous German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said :

„ Like man never ever felt physically so free, elevated, gifted as on a horseback, where he, as a sensible rider could feel the enormous limbs of such a great creature like his own limbs, control the will of this animal.“

Otherwise Lauren describes herself as a quiet and shy kid. She could sit in her room all day and making games up. Her imagination gave her wings. A true creative soul !
  The next 10 years  
  The eighties: Pop culture, big hairstyles with hairspray formed, a young girl named “Madonna” sprawled lascivious on a boat and sang “Like a virgin”; Nena had her first number one Hit in America with “99 Red Balloons”. In the Ukraine exploded a nuclear power Station “ Chernobyl”, the Cold War between America and the USSR was a daily companion in the news. In the cinemas you could see scenarios of a possible WW III .

We don’t know, what the student Lauren Graham thought about that, when she was in the Langley High school in Mc Lean/VA. She loved the films “Friday, the 13.” and “Halloween”.

Bild vergrößern   In the high school yearbook you see a girl with freckles, braces and a nice smile. She is the tallest in her class. Taller than any boy in her class. Not a “teenage-beauty”, not “Homecoming Queen”, but quick-witted. Humour as a strategy to overplay the own uncertainty .
  Lauren always played the lead in the Theatre group, the same with the School production of “Hello Dolly”. Mad with stage fright she was singing her soul out of her mind.

She loved reading and she read a lot. Books became her personal place of refuge. She always took a book with her, in case she got bored. A real Book worm .

Her father couldn’t answer all the questions a girl has: the questions of fashion, styling and makeup, all those things were strange to him. Lawrence couldn’t understand, that his daughter spent so many hours in the bathrooms and also he couldn’t accept her experiments with makeup. Lauren still wore jeans and sweaters and sneakers, but something strange happened: things, they were laughing about one year ago, suddenly she became very serious about. Puberty was right on - things were changing.

Bild bei Klick vergrößern   Lauren did not think of herself as pretty, like every girl she had her “ugly duckling phase.” But sometimes the little ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan. Even today she is sceptical about her “beauty,” and answers those beauty-questions with irony. She describes her own face as “typical for an Irish farm man“.
  In 1981 things changed in the Graham family when her father remarried. Now there was a woman in the household, Karen, who knew that the right colour of lipstick can save your day, and that the hair must be perfect and that you have to sew a trouser and not tack it.

Lauren has many good things to say about her step mother. Why should there always an evil step mother like in the old fairy tales?

She is 14 years old, lived 10 years with her single father as an only child, and now there was a baby coming into the Graham family. Was Lauren happy about that? Was she jealous? Anyway: the only child, “who never learned to share things” became a big sister. Now she was part of a patch-work family. Her own mother Donna had a baby girl again (Shade) and Lawrence and Karen had a boy (Chris) and a girl (Maggie).

Lauren presents herself in public as a family-animal, loves to have good relationships with her younger siblings, which helps her to create the witty mom in the TV show “Gilmore Girls.”

All clear from the deep psychology frontier: no infant trauma because of the loss of her mother as a role model. She did not screw up by being focused on her father, did not develop a tendency towards an “Electra Complex” . No, this young girl seems really equipped with a rich imagination and a great talent to entertain people, to make them laugh or move them to tears.

The Psychoanalyst C.G. Jung understands the craft and talent of artist as being a part of their inner conflicts. Those conflicts are the resource, the creative pool, where they develop their visions and ideas.

“Basically, there is no difference between the imaginations of an artist or a normal human being. But what makes an artist an artist is - beside the richness, the originality and the life energy of his thoughts- his ability to create his visions with a certain creative power.”
  University and Education  
  Lauren graduated from high school in 1985 and then decided to go to New York. She enrolled in a performing-program at NYU. But, coming from an academic background, she felt out of place there.

"In my family an academic degree is important and so it was important which University I would attend... I thought, 'You know, I should read more. I should study more before I roll around on the floor pretending I'm a lion.

She moved to the Barnard College in Manhattan, which is part of Columbia University, part of the Ivy League like Harvard and Yale. What’s special with Barnard is that it is a women’s college. Lauren signed up for American literature, which seems logical. Books had always been her silent companions.

New York ! The city, that never sleeps. The city, where rise to fame and fall to nothing is so close. The city, where dreams come true and in the next moment slip away. How many young people come to New York to become an actor? How many end up waiting tables in a cheap diner? New York, pool of so many different cultures and nations, everything seems possible, no limits, but also a daily fight to survive.

Lauren did not do so well. Her time in New York was clouded with no money. Sometimes she did not have enough money to get to school, as she lived off-campus. “I didn't have enough money to get in the subway. I remember standing at the turnstile. And I would eat out of the vending machine and would eat cheese and crackers. ... I just had no money all through college, and it just adds to your frustration and depression, and it was really tough." Why wasn’t there a financial support of her family? Maybe her father thought, that she had to fight for things in life, if you really want them.

Lauren finished University with a Bachelor degree, she played Theatre ”by the way” in a free theatre group and she was part of an a cappella singing group “The Metrotones”.

Irony of its own: her first paid job is a video production for High school against teenager-pregnancies. Greetings from the future with Lorelai Gilmore!

She could not get an agent. Without an agent you are nothing as an actress. An agent gets you jobs, plans your career . It is not a question of being talented; it is a question of business.

Lauren rushed between her jobs: Waitress, working in a library and working at “Barneys".

It ´s  like banging your head against a brick wall! No light at the end of the tunnel, no agent, no job, no money! A new decision: leaving to go to Southern Methodist University (SMU) Dallas/Texas.

SMU is very well known for their actors study programs and classes. What’s more, at the end of your study time you can get an agent in the so called “showcases”, a kind of casting-show.

Lauren spent three years at SMU and finished with a Master-degree in acting. And finally she got an agent in the Showcase. Now she had a Bachelor’s and a Master’s-degree and she got an agent. Now her time must come!!
  But first came a time on the couch! Not for therapy, nor on the “Producers-couch,” but her aunts couch in Long Beach, 20 miles away from Los Angeles. This uncomfortable sleeping arrangement was again a sign of few jobs. Lauren was booked for commercials and “worked“ as the mascot of the World Soccer Championships in 1994.
  This produced a funny anecdote: Her agent called her and wanted to know, how tall she was. Well, being proud of being 5’9”, he told her, “That is great, you fit the costume.” When she arrived, where she was ’booked to be 5’9” she realized the true nature of the job. A thick, sticky, muggy, dog costume with a big head on it. She shared the job with another girl and ’god, this girl sweated.‘ .

So, Lauren had to take pictures with soccer fans and actually she smiled…. while wearing the big dogs head. Some careers do start in the muggy dark!
  The life on her aunt’s couch must find an end, and now Laurens future seemed very dark again!

She ended up renting a house in LA with a friend, Connie Britton, also an actress. They had hardly any furniture - not even a pan! Guests had to bring their own chairs if they didn’t want to sit on the floor. Really Spartan conditions to live.

It is 1995 , Lauren got her first “big” job in the Show “Caroline and the City”. She played Shelly, a woman of an impressive simplicity and a Minnie Mouse voice. Not a big character study, but any way a job.

But again: the ratings are the knock-out factor, as always in TV. In the next 5 years Lauren will have guest roles on several TV-shows, but nothing that lasted very long. Suddenly she got a strange stigma: the actress with the flops. Some people started to joke, if you want to bring a show to an end, hire Lauren Graham. She was really hurt by this and it took her time to overcome it .
  Beam me up, Amy…….  
  New York , March 16 (!) 2000: the Producers and Casting-Directors of the new WB Show “Gilmore Girls” are enervated. How many actresses have they seen? They didn’t know. What they knew was, there wasn’t an actress, who could play the witty, sexy mother, which they have in their minds. This actress needs to have charm and irony, to bring the smart dialogue to life. She must be young, but not too young and sexy, and not a pin-up girl. In this age-category there were a vast number of actresses in the business, but no one they have seen convinced the team. A week before they started shooting the pilot, everything was settled, but not the lead role, a real disaster! !

And then Lauren Graham entered the room!

„We knew it immediately, we got her, that’s it”, said producer and creator of the Show Amy Sherman Palladino.

Amy Sherman Palladino, born in 1966, is an unconventional woman. Her mother wanted her to be a dancer, but after Amy graduated from High school she joined the comedy group “The Groundlings” in LA. Later she worked for four years on the TV hit series “Roseanne” as a writer. Amy is married with Daniel Palladino, who is one of the Co-producers of Gilmore Girls.

But how did the show find its way into the world? Amy had a visit at the Warner Bros. Studio and while she was talking about new projects, she mentioned an idea, off the top of her head. A show about a mother-daughter-relationship. But not the usual one, more like mother and daughter being friends. Warner (Bros.) liked the idea and suddenly Amy was in trouble! She had to create a new show out of nowhere .

About the show and the plot :

Lorelai Gilmore, daughter of a rich and traditional family, got pregnant at 16 years of age, left home and raised her daughter Rory on her own. The relationship with her parents, especially with her mother Emily, was affected by her ’unconventional and non traditional‘ life. Emily and Richard can not accept the how their daughter chooses to live her life. The result is perpetual conflict.

This constant conflict is the platform for Gilmore Girls. However the relationship between Lorelai and Rory is nearly perfect. They seem like best friends or sisters.

The series takes place in Stars Hollow, a little fictional town in Connecticut. The people in Stars Hollow are all friendly creatures, sometimes a little nuts and wild. It seems, evil could never move to Stars Hollow.

The pilot was shot in Toronto, Canada, and the series is filmed at the Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, California.

Alexis Bledel plays the 16 year old daughter Rory (at the beginning of the show Rory was 16). Her cool-headed and quiet character seems the opposite to her hot-blooded mother. Rory is loved by everyone, smart, clever, intelligent, a model pupil. She loves to read, is interested in music with her best friend Lane, hates sports and loves to sit with her mother in front of the TV, watching video and eating junk food. Lorelai and Rory created their own little World in Stars Hollow .
Bild bei Klick vergrößern   Alexis, born in 1981, is a lucky coincidence like Lauren to the show. With her big blue eyes and her pretty face she reminds you of the young Audrey Hepburn. Even her TV colleague Ed Hermann (playing her grandfather Richard Gilmore) compares her with Audrey.   Bild bei Klick vergrößern
  Alexis didn’t have much TV-experience, when she started with Gilmore, but the producers where convinced by her childlike charm .  
  But what catches the audience most is the perfect chemistry between mother and daughter, between the actresses Lauren and Alexis.

What looks so easy and natural is hard work. Being a professional or not – if you do not know a person, and you have to build a close and caring relationship from now on, it feels strange. Within a short place of time they had to produce a loving relationship, which is supposed to appear authentic to the audience. But even actresses have their limits and Lauren said that it was not easy to establish those emotions in the first month.

Alexis is 19 years old, when she started with Gilmore Girls. Now she was away from her home and family for the first time – and also, it was her first experience with big business.

„It was a huge shock for Alexis and a mega jump she did” Lauren noticed in an interview. “Everyone would be confused, but in her age, it is pure madness."

Both emphasize the good relationship they have on the set. The age difference between Lauren and Alexis is the same as Lauren and her siblings.

Despite the fact that they work perfectly together, in private they are completely different, even their colleagues mention that. Lauren thinks, her chemistry with Alexis is rooted in ’being so different privately.‘ And what a co-incidence; their birthdays are exactly six months apart.

Bild bei Klick vergrößern   Let Astrologers analyze the star constellations and their meanings, balance out Sun and Moon, clearly this TV mother-daughter-relationship works, and is obviously a great success.
  Gilmore Girls is in some ways an unusual TV-Show. First, watch the amount of text. Normally a one hour TV-Show has 50 page scripts and Gilmore is never less than 80 pages. That means you have to speed up the dialogue. One of the challenges for the actors and actresses is the high speed talking! On the other hand: the scenes in Gilmore are like a theatre play and have to be shot in one stretch. Mistakes mean ’from the top – again’. They always have to work together and keep their timing perfectly. “Work, a lot of work” as Lauren often mentions in interviews. Never ending, wear out, working days.

So, the high speed talk is one part of the Gilmore concept. The other parts are the “Gilmore-isms”, the references regarding films, music, and literature. For example: Rory is reading “Ulysses” by James Joyce, at Friday Night diners they talk in the Gilmore house about Prague and Kafka, about “Waiting for Godot,” for instance.

The audience loves to find out about those “Gilmore-isms”. This is really a smart idea of the show. Amy Sherman-Palladino said, that the audience is always smart and wants to be treated that way.

Another important aspect is the sense of humour in Gilmore is unsurpassed. A dry, witty, sometimes black sense of humour. They use the whole range from simple slapstick to clever wordplays.

But Gilmore Girls is also a marketing instrument and the “product placement” is obvious in the show. Examples? Rory gets an Apple computer as a birthday present, they talk about the advantages of a Volvo as being a family car, the only true chocolate is Toblerone and Google is named as a great Internet search engine. ’Hidden‘ marketing is the best marketing and in this case you really get your target audience, young people.

Ready to take off – on October, the 5 th. Gilmore aired the first time on “the WB”. On Thursday night, 8PM, running against the highly successful show “Friends”. The rating wasn’t bad, 4.6 million households.

But Lauren was truly convinced, at the end of December the show would be over, the competition is too tough. The critics loved the show. They claimed the clever and smart plot, paid tribute to the warm and caring mother-daughter-relationship. But the typical WB-audience, the main demographic is teenagers and young adults between 12 and 24 years of age.

The question was: would they love this outstanding mother-daughter-team and secondly: will “older” people watch the show, people, who normally wouldn’t think, that WB is the right channel for them? Gilmore Girls is actually a 3-generation-show, a typical family show. Mother-daughter-grandmother!

The first season blossomed in the dark, had its fan base. A small, but devoted fan base, as it turned out. The ratings where about 3.5 million households. The second season was about 4.8 million. Now, in the 5 th season it is about 5,39 million. Gilmore Girls became the hit show for “The WB”.

I could go on and talk about Gilmore Girls for hours and hours. But here is not the right place to describe all the different characters. The internet is full of devoted fan pages and web sites about Stars Hollow, outfits, anecdotes, characters, and stories Whoever catches the Gilmore virus is infected. Give the show a chance, and pay attention. Be warned! .
  Family Television Award 2001:  
  it echoes through the hall:

 Ladies and gentlemen, Lauren Graham!

With determined steps she enters the stage; a respectful applause is running through the rows. Dressed in a suit she takes the award, smiles shyly, and looks nervous. Holding a small note in her hand, she starts the typical than you speech and suddenly the whole scene is over. Just a short moment of time, like a blink of an eye .

Omen or exception? How important are awards? Leave out the Academy Award Oscar! In 2003 Lauren again received the Family Television Award for portraying a single-mother in TV .

In 2002 she is nominated for the Golden Globe, an important U.S. TV Award. Unfortunately she didn’t get it. The trophy went with someone else.

  "I work, therefore I am ……"  
  To start with the truth: Million of people have to go to work every day. Work long never ending days, come home, have families and duties, pay their bills. Constant strain is the result. Many people have to work in a job they do not like, that does not provide joy or satisfaction. But the kids need new shoes and there must be dinner on the table. Heaven on earth is sometimes grey.

Maybe it seems grotesque, if an actor/actress talks about, how strenuous a TV show can be: 16 hour day on a set, 5 days a week, get dressed, make-up, shooting, smiling, perfect style and at the end of the day, he/she is driving into the Californian sunset in a Porsche cabriolet.

But every medal has a second face, and we, as the mortals might not realize it. We can walk the dog in old clothes, spend time with friends after a working day, walk into the supermarket and nobody pays attention to it. People like Lauren have a different situation. They have Paparazzi around every time they leave the house! Can you imagine, how embarrassing it must be, shopping in the supermarket, putting a box of Tampons in your basket and somebody behind you asks:” Hi, I love the show, may I have an autograph?”

Lauren knows about her special position and she admits in a talk show that talking about ’working hard‘ on the show has a different meaning than in normal life. Spending time with friends and family is difficult, because of the long hours on the set. And she always wanted to have a dog (this wish came true, in a German Shepherd named Hannah) which is not easy with such hours.

We think (and I mean those of us who are not celebrities), that having money and being famous gives you a sunny place in this world. But maybe the price you have to pay for it, is not worthwhile.

Lauren is sorry, that she has not enough time for friends and family, for new enriching projects, and for new relationships. “An award show is not the ideal place to find new friends or start a relationship”, she claims.

Her private life is her own secret and she keeps it that way. She does not drop any names nor can you see her in ’obvious moments‘ with anyone. She admits that she had a relationship with someone for a long time, but in the end they broke up. The only name you can find in the Internet regarding a love affaire is Matthew Perry, actor of the successful TV-show “Friends”. But this is mere speculations by the press. Lauren assures, she and Perry are only friends with no romantic attitude. She demonstrated that impressively on Conan O´Brian show in 2007. So no, she is still “One of the sexiest 100 Hollywood-Bachelorettes”.

What is the most flattering compliment you can give a woman? And at the same time: what is the most sinful offer you can make an Irish-catholic girl? Exactly--an offer from the men’s magazine “Playboy.”

Bild bei Klick vergrößern   The publisher of the successful men’s magazine realized that the ’sexiest mother on TV‘ could be a good choice for their readers. Also, Lauren admits, that even though she was very flattered by this chance, she decided against it. She spoke to her father on the phone, and realized how uncomfortable he felt at the idea of seeing his daughter naked in the paper. So, she turned down the whole thing and remembered ’that we are catholic. ‘
  Another ’bad girl thing‘ – Lauren talks about getting a tattoo or a piercing. But it wouldn’t be Lauren, if she would not comment on this in her own, unique style. She seems ambivalent between “being young and cool” and “working hard for looking young and cool”. But you could see in her eyes, a short flare of an ironic joke from a woman, who is pretty aware of herself.

In 2003 Lauren opened her sphere of activity and starts her own production company “Good Game Entertainment” in cooperation with Warner Bros. and the WB Network. With Sydnie Suskind, a well-known writer, she is going to seek new stories and plots for film and TV-shows.

"Her excellent taste, along with her great entrepreneurial spirit, makes her a welcome addition to our outstanding roster of producers here at Warner Bros.," said Roth, president of Warner Bros. Studios. Roth said he believes Graham is "a remarkable talent both in front of and behind the camera."

Maybe a wise step in an unknown future. Who knows what life holds for an actress, who spent a certain amount of years in front of a TV-camera?

In American TV business the „rule of a ‘seven-year-run’“ is prove of achievement. If a show made it through seven years it would be seen as a success and you always should stop when things are still great.

The producers of “Gilmore Girls” stuck to this rule. Although there was a lot of speculation and the rumor mill went on and on for several months, on May 3 rd, 2007 the American TV channel “The CW” declared they weren’t willing to produce an eighth season.

The fans were more than just angered by then because the CW announced this fact with only two episodes left to air until the series finale. Little time left for preparing goodbye. What was left behind was a fan community that felt betrayed. The development of the series, especially with the relationship between Luke and Lorelai, wasn’t what it should have been according to the supporters of this couple.

From the cast Lauren was the first to point out her thoughts about the end. According to her she was happy about the end of the tiring everyday routine of the series on the set. She stressed she was simply exhausted and in addition, the story of mother and daughter had been told.

With “Gilmore Girls” Lauren successfully ends a chapter of her career in the TV business that, come what may, could provide to assert herself. Getting millions of viewers to watch every week through talking really fast. She destigmatized “Death of a series” and the show is graded “outstanding” now.

Lauren shot the comedy movies „Evan Almighty“ playing next to Steve Carell and right after „Because I said so“ with Diane Keaton while still doing „Gilmore Girls“.

When “Gilmore Girls” ended, Lauren didn’t take a long break but decided to attend to new film projects. Like a dog that’s shaking water from its fur, Lauren vehemently tries to fight the “Lorelai Gilmore”-characters.

Her roles now are the ‘supportive wife’ who keep their husband’s back clear while struggling with the problems of life.

Such movies are for example “Birds of America” with Matthew Perry and "Flash of Genius” with Greg Kinnear.

“Birds of America” tells the story of Morrie (Matthew Perry) who has reached a point in his life where nothing is moving along. He waits for tenure at his university to have financial security to start a family with his wife Betty (Lauren). But first he has to babysit his siblings who have developed flaws and mental problems due to the fact of losing their parents very early and therefore not being able to cope with their life.

"Birds of America” is a classic story-telling film, co-produced by Oscar-winner Hillary Swank who also plays a small part. The story of a family that doesn’t fit the ‘norm’ but in the end they master their crises by sticking together. It illuminates the situation of the American lower/upper middle class and their need to belong and fit into the picture.

“Flash of Genius” is based on the true story about Dr. Robert Kearns who invented the intermittent windshield wiper but has to deal with the auto industry claiming the invention as their own achievement. From there on, he is on a forensic crusade to have him personally acknowledged as inventor.

Lauren plays his wife Phyllis who helplessly tries to work against the obsessive craze of her husband and at the same time keeping the family with six kids alive.

Being asked at the press conference for “Flash of Genius” in Toronto in September 2008 whether she prefers movies or TV, Lauren answers she actually likes both, but wants to have variety, both drama and comedy, and growing as an actor in both genres.

It seems that lately actresses aren’t considered for leading roles in the American movie business. Only on TV they are offered jobs which would have them as main character, not the supportive. Sad but true!


  Quo vadis Lauren?  
  If I had a crystal ball I could examine the future. Maybe coffee grounds are good enough to see where Lauren will be going?

Besides all my respect and optimism I have for her, I am skeptical.

The question of age is the prime directive of U.S. TV. Only a few “older” actresses are accepted on the screen. We can have a heated debate about that; we can question this nonsense, about real beauty, about inner beauty and aging with grace and dignity. But the fact is, we can not change it.

After a long time in a show, many actors run out of work. Producers are convinced that the audience is tired of their faces. Or they get the stigma of a type-casting. How much Lorelai do we need in the future? Maybe no Lorelai at all, but I am convinced more Lauren Graham.

And Lauren? She dreams of time! Time to spend with friends and family, time for new stories, new projects. Time for a normal life, whatever that means.

Bild bei Klick vergrößern   There is one thing for sure: with the portraying of Lorelai Gilmore set Lauren herself a high standard for herself. She will be always connected with this character.
  „Talk and show yourself ….“  
  Words beat down like a thundering shower. Blue eyes sparkle, hands clap in the air, hair spins around, the whole body moves. This energy infects you. Come, sing a song of joy! This fire warms even the coldest heart.

She has an answer for everything, but at the same time: not a word too many! No words without thinking. No generous view into her soul. Who are you? Who knows it? Who can tell?

I can hear her, I can see her, but I could never define her. There are no mainstream or political statements, no philosophical insights, no scandals, and no sickly-sweet declaration of love into every camera. No toady to anyone. Just nice, simple, an easy normality, grounded.

All those things came to my mind, while I did the research for this biography and watched tons of Lauren interviews. Flirting with Craig Kilborn or just silly with Conan O’ ’Brien, hilarious with Ellen DeGeneres or serious with the ladies from “The View.” : Lauren Graham is a multi-faced woman. She talks about her father and friends, about her dog Hannah. But in the end you can not catch her. Lauren loves to talk; even native English-speaking people find it a challenge to listen to her. She talks - but what really moves her?

So, in my need to find something, which helps me to take this journey, I researched an astrology book and found this „Pisces are the only persons , who can define themselves and understand themselves, but it is quit e impossible for them to share this knowledge, because the others don’t take them seriously.“

Is this a reason? Is this an answer?

Lauren does not talk about love affairs in public. A double edged sword: as an actress you have to seek publicity and the always -hungry public mouth needs fodder. This fodder is the private life, the most precious thing a person has.

Is she sure about the war in Iraq? Is it right? Is it wrong? Is she for or against the death penalty? How much opinion can you share in public right now in the U.S.? Even prominent actors are afraid of loosing jobs, when they think out loud. Producers do not like outspoken persons – they are unpredictable.

In the Talk show “Politically Incorrect” we see Lauren vehemently support single parents. There is a moment , where you get a look inside. Suddenly there she is.

But most of the time she discusses her insights concealed with irony. Example: When she talked with Conan O’Brien about having a tattoo, about the things you have to do to be cool and ‘star-like,’ it is a statement against the beauty- and youth - mania in the film business. A sarcastic grin on the face of a 40 year old woman , who should be afraid of all those 17 year old starlets with new silicon breast s, Botox-smooth foreheads and a Collagen. filled smiles.

In his show, Craig Kilborn was reading to Lauren a description from a critics (“Hair like silk, blue bright eyes, shoulders sculpted by Michelangelo…”) her reaction was clear : she felt embarrassed. Not flattered, not honoured! That makes her human and gives you a good feeling about this woman.

Maybe we have to wait for the right interviewer! I am convinced; she has a lot to say.

Translation and copyright by Koile 2005/2007/2008
Editor: E.Ching

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