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“That is why every man's story is important, eternal, sacred; that is why every man, as long as he lives and fulfils the will of nature, is wondrous, and worthy of every consideration." (Hermann Hesse “Demian “)  
  True to Hesse´s words I try with the biographies I write to bring attention to those actresses, which I personally find interesting enough to be presented to the audience. Not the big Megastars, with plenty of awards. But actresses who made their way in the tough TV-business. Who won peoples hearts with their portrayal of every day heroes.

These actresses are stars too in a huge Universe, maybe little stars, but they are also shining.

Biographies are a tricky thing: you have to search a big amount of Information and the Internet is a wonderful place to do so. But you have to check how serious thisinformation is. You have to separate the truth from gossip; you have to decide, what is important, what is relevant. As the Latin saying goes “Quod dubitas, nefeceris” (“Never do things you doubt”).

My target: I would like to present a human being in an interesting, entertaining and informative way. Giving my reader and also the devoted fans, who know a great deal about their stars a new impression, ideas or insights.

Sometimes you are skating on thin ice. Sometimes you would love to speculate. Your curiosity leads you in a very dangerous direction. This is the time where you have to control yourself.

At the beginning there is always the same question: “What makes her tick”? What is her motivation? What is her Aura?"

Observing, reading attentively, studying articles, listeningto interviews, to analyse her facial play, her gestures. Just: to scrutinize her.

The result of this study about Lauren Graham is this biography. My point of view, objective in the research, subjective in my interpretation.
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